Direct access to the beach, just 200 m away!

Ouille beach

What could be better than a holiday just a few metres from the beach? During your stay in Collioure, you can enjoy safe and easy access to the magnificent Ouille beach, just 200 metres from Les Amandiers campsite.

This small shingle beach, which is roughly 100 metres long, is located to the north of Collioure, bordering Argelès-sur-Mer. It’s very quiet throughout the year even during the summer. The beach is not widely known and is difficult to reach by car which means that it’s mostly frequented by locals and regulars. Here, nestled between the cliffs, you can enjoy the peace and quiet, and admire the magnificent landscapes of the Côte Vermeille.

A path from the campsite offers visitors easy access. Head for the beach and enjoy some of the amazing water sports on offer including kayaking and diving or indulge in a spot of quiet sunbathing and swimming. You’re sure to make some magical holiday memories!

A little bit of history

When a Frenchman hears the word “ouille” he immediately thinks of the onomatopoeia “Aie” (Ouch in English), or even the traditional Catalan dish “Ouillade,” for the more initiated. The word “ouille” actually derives from the French version of the Catalan “olla”, meaning pot as the recessed shape of the beach very much resembles the shape of this hollow receptacle.